The Job Seeker’s Guide to Opening Career Doors

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In this age of globalization, corporate downsizing and outsourcing, everybody is asking the same question: “How can I jump into the job market and learn to sell myself?” Tim Augustine has the answer. “How Hard Are You Knocking?” provides a set of detailed guidelines that will help you:

  • Assess and set your career goals
  • Target specific companies that match your goals through networking
  • Develop a marketing strategy to sell yourself
  • Craft an effective resume that communicates the value you can provide
  • Dress for success to make a positive first impression
  • Prepare for and give a successful interview
  • Develop a game plan to succeed at your new job
  • Continue networking throughout your career.

Whether you’re a recent college grad or a seasoned professional, the detailed information and advice in “How Hard Are You Knocking?” will help you win the interview and land a new job. This will become a dog-eared reference book you’ll keep using throughout your career.