Landing a Job in a Difficult Economy

Persistence is key

Tim reviewing keys to success

In this economic crisis, corporate downsizing and global outsourcing, job seekers are facing a very difficult job market. The scarcity of jobs, coupled with an unusually high number of qualified candidates, means that job seekers today must be vigilant about setting themselves apart from the competition. Based on his best-selling book, How Hard Are You Knocking?, brother, Tim Augustine delivers this powerful seminar that walks each participant through the entire job search process from beginning your job search to negotiating your starting salary.

In this interactive session, you will understand what employers are looking for, how to position yourself and how to leverage your resources in this tough competitive market. Creativity in a difficult economy is critical to get a foot in the door, secure an interview and sell those unique traits you bring to a firm. Bring your resume, your questions and your creative ideas to this session. This session will focus on:

  • Navigating through the job search process
  • Uncovering urgent industries in today’s economy
  • Using specific resources to find internships and full-time opportunities
  • Leveraging techniques to beat your competition and land the job you want

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Print the following helpful guides for an offline format to review Tim’s seminars.

  1. How Hard Are You Knocking – The Seminars
  2. How Hard Are You Knocking – The Books