Your career is made in your first 90-days

The first 90 days are critical to success

The first 90 days are critical

“You’re going to be defined by your first 90 days. You’ve got to act.”
Former GE CEO Jack Welch

The first three months of any new job will be the most defining moments of your career. It is critical that you hit the ground running and start making a name for your-self. This is not about being a brownnoser, the leader or the shining star. It is about understanding how to transition into a job, build credibility, and work in a team environment. Based on his experience as a CEO and executive coach, brother, Tim Augustine will highlight the critical areas of focus for your first 90-Days in your new job. In this session, Tim will explore strategies to:

  • Develop a 90-day transition plan focused on learning about the firm, your position and how to succeed.
  • Cultivate a reputation as a finisher
  • Navigate through the corporate politics to grow your personal career

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