From College to CEO

From College to CEO

I want to be a CEO. Many times I have wondered what it will take, for me to become a CEO of a midsize to a large corporation. Why? The reasons are quite obvious; a CEO makes more money… has the ability to drive decisions… and could have a profound influence on people, teams and success of an organization. CEO is an abbreviation for Chief Executive Officer; this officer is the highest-ranking officer in an organization. He reports to the board of directors, which is presided by the Chairman.

Now, how do we get there? You have come to the right place…DSP. In this session, we will explore the specific areas of influence that DSP provides as a backdrop to business success.

  • Emotional competence / Technical competency: Know your strengths and do them well.
  • Listen: Be interested, not interesting
  • Rule 30-15 – Come in early 30 minutes before your boss and leave 15 minutes after your boss has left.
  • Never ever write a memo with high emotions.
  • Make your boss look good, always.
  • Always be a friend to the subordinates of your peer.
  • Always be yourself, when speaking to your boss, don’t speak what they want to listen, speak what you want to say. Don’t be politically right.
  • Be honest and hard working.
  • Don’t be buddy with your boss.
  • Think daily as to how you can reach your goal of becoming a CEO.
  • Good luck to you, future CEO.

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