Tim’s seminars have been featured nationally on ABC, FOX and NBC along with reviews in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, and The National Association for Campus Activities. He has worked with Fortune-ranked organizations around the country, made numerous radio and television appearances, presented to over 400 organizations and over 100,000 people. He is a contributing writer to Inc. Magazine, Fast Company and Monster.com on topics pertaining to resource strategies of successful organizations. Similarly, Tim has published two “How-To” guides with Inc. Magazine focused on career development and corporate growth.

The following videos and quotes are direct responses from individuals who have attended one of Tim’s Seminars.

“In an era where entry and mid-level jobs are migrating to developing markets such as China and India, it has become even more critical to prepare yourself, so as to differentiate yourself from the pack. This book provides immediate payback and should become that dog-eared book that you continually lend to your network of friends and colleagues.”
John Quinn, Senior Partner, DiamondCluster International

“The most important attribute of a company’s growth is the caliber of people it hires. Augustine’s book teaches you how to be that high caliber candidate that companies need. From preparing your resume to succeeding months after your first day on the job, How Hard Are You Knocking? simply describes your path to success – every step of the way.”
Eric Flamholtz — Best-selling author of Growing Pains, CEO ManagementSystems

“This book is an excellent resource for international job seekers looking to understand the job search process and identify effective resources that will uncover job opportunities. Augustine’s book is straightforward and easy to use. A must read for any international job seeker entering this job market.”
Ramiro DeFransisco — PepsiCo International, Director of Export Operations

“Augustine provides a comprehensive outline of the steps to follow, resources to utilize, and fundamentals of finding your next career. A must read!”
Mary Olson — Director of Recruitment, Chicago Tribune

“If you read one book in your career search, let Augustine’s Knocking be it”
Dipak Jain — Dean, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

“An unbelievably useful job handbook! This book covers the entire job search process, from beginning your job search to succeeding in your new job. One of the most thorough, yet concise, job search resources I have ever read.”
Hal Becker — Best Selling Author of Can I Have Five Minutes of Your Time?

“This book will completely prepare you for any professional interview — from your initial HR contact to your interview with an executive. It provides a roadmap for any candidate seeking to get ahead in the job market.”
John Jimenez — Chief Financial Officer, BP, AirBP Division

“Augustine’s book is a fantastic resource that you should use and apply to land the job you want. As a former recruiter, he provides an excellent insiders perspective of what it takes to sell yourself in a tough job market.”
David Szary — CEO and Founder, Recruiter Academy

“How Hard Are You Knocking? puts the power of finding a job where it belongs—in your hands. Explore the companies you admire. Understand what impresses hiring managers—and what doesn’t. Learn to network, take control and get the job you want. Whether you’re fresh out of school or back in the job market after a long absence, you’ll find author Tim Augustine’s down-to-earth approach refreshing and reassuring.”
Rebecca Kuchar — Vice President of Sales & Client Relationship Management, Pyramid Digital Solutions

“The greatest challenge you have as a job seeker is how to market your self to a potential employer. Knocking is a very detailed and practical guide that takes the mystery out of the job search process. This book provides a toolkit for marketing your strengths and attributes and landing the job you want.”
Adele Revella — CEO and Founder SMT Institute

“Tim shares his research and experience to take the “guesswork” out of the job search process so you not only find a job, but the right job for you! How Hard Are You Knocking? should be required reading for any college student or person looking for a meaningful career.” Kathy Jahnke — National President, Delta Sigma Pi, Co-educational Professional Business Fraternity

“This book can help anyone looking to market their skills and abilities and land the job they desire. An excellent resource and must read for any job seeker.”
Rodney Williams — CEO, Metrics Inc.