Throughout the years, Tim has assembled a team of career coaches that have worked with hundreds of job seekers to help navigate the job search process. These services include:

  • Developing your job search strategy
  • Industry and company knowledge
  • Professional resume development
  • Negotiation skills
  • Retained career coaching support

Click the following link to read an exert from Tim’s memoirs regarding preparation for your job search strategy. Are You Ready for Your Job Search Strategy?

Listed below are the steps you can use to manage your job search:

Step 1:  Define your interests and identify the unique skills / value you can provide an employer.
Step 2:  Identify your target industry that interests you and research the types of firms in that industry.
Step 3:  Identify your top 15 Companies within your target industry.  Limit your list to only 15 so you can spend ample time researching each firm that you would like to work for.
Step 4:  Do your homework by leveraging their website, job boards and gather as much information as you can about each firm.  Also Leverage your network of friends and family.  Provide them with your target list and see if they know anyone within that firm.  Do underestimate the power of connections.  Use these connections to gather information and get a foot in the door.
Step 5:  Research the types of positions you might apply for.  Find descriptions on the Job boards or company websites.  These descriptions will provide the necessary information to prepare a targeted resume and help prepare you for the interview.
Step 6:  Make a great first impression by developing a targeted resume with information from your research.  Make sure your online reputation is solid via social media and reflective of the first impression you would like to leave.  Finally, research ways to dress professionally to leave a great first impression in the first 7 seconds.
Step 7:  Prepare for the interviews.  These include the Informational Interviews, Phone Interviews, Face to Face Interviews, Group Interviews and Meal Interviews
Step 8:  Understand the situation.  Study the company and prepare your interview questions based on your research and things pertinent to the firm.
Step 9:  Ask Questions during the interview.  These questions should include  that you can not find on the web such as role and responsibilities, team structure, performance reviews, training and benefit questions.
Step 10: Negotiate the offer.  Research salary levels on Job boards and compensation website.  The salary will be based on geographic area, the position and level of experience.  Do your best to negotiate over the phone, base it on your research and target a 10% range.  For example, if they offer $50,000.  Ask for a day to discuss with your family.  Call them the next day and say “Based on my research, I was hoping to be close to $55,000” If they provide additional dollars, great.  If they say “no” ask them for a performance review and wage review 6 Months into the job.